Evenflo Double Fun Developmental Activity Center Ocean

Evenflo Double Fun Developmental Activity Center Ocean

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4 stars

The Evenflo Double Fun Developmental Activity Center Ocean ExerSaucer is a playmat and ExerSaucer in one, which offers parents 2 stages of use, meaning that your baby can use this product to learn and play from newborn to walking age. It is easy to convert. Equipped with a variety of age-appropriate toys that help your baby to develop, the rock, spin and bounce actions will provide your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles.

Pros: not over-stimulating; activity center doubles as a play mat; easy to clean

Cons: no lights or music; putting the legs on can be difficult

Evenflo Double Fun Ocean Activity CenterProduct Features

  • Playmat and exersaucer in one
  • Secure learn and play environment
  • 32 fun learning activities
  • Take with me toys
  • 3-Position Height Adjustment

There is plenty of leg room in the seat, which is machine washable, as is the mat. The seat spins easily and smoothly. When pushed lightly on the tray, the activity center will bounce easily, so you can bet that your little one will get plenty of enjoyment from bouncing in this toy.

This Evenflo Double Fun Developmental Ocean Activity Center can be used as a play mat, and the bar with the dangling fishies can be attached directly to the mat. The mat is held nice and taut by three metal rods that fit together inside the edge of the mat.

As the baby gets bigger the play mat becomes the bottom of the activity center and the fish bar can then be attached to the tray. The other toys that attach to the tray are colorful and cute.

Baby will love spinning the wheel and hearing the little fishies rattle around, grabbing at the toys hanging from above, grabbing and pulling on the starfish rattle, and grabbing the sunny face and getting it into their mouth. It’s also great that she can swivel around and play with toys all around.

Many reviewers liked this ExerSaucer because although it  is stimulating, it did not seem too overstimulating. There are no lights or music like many of the other ones have, but a lot of people have commented that their baby likes it without all of the fancy stuff.

I think it has a perfect combination of toys that spin, rattle, and crinkle. Of course, with so many other toys that take batteries it’s nice to not have batteries to buy for this. And for those parents who are tired of all the other noisy toys, you’ll be happy that you don’t have to listen to music and sounds constantly going off.

The great thing about this ExerSaucer is that you can choose how many items you want to have on the tray for your baby to play with. They all come off too so you can easily wash them.

Assembly wasn’t too difficult for most reviewers, but getting the springs properly seated in the legs seems to be the biggest challenge. Putting the legs on was a little difficult at first, so t can take maybe 30-40 minutes to put it together.

Overall, this ExerSaucer is well-reviewed by most who have purchased it. Being a 2-in-1 playmat and ExerSaucer is a great feature as it allows baby to grow with the toy. So, although it may cost a little more than some of the other ExerSaucers, it is unquestionably very good value for money because of this.

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